Outline 本會簡介


The Amalgamated Union Of Seafarers, Hong Kong (the AUS) is registered under the Trade Unions Ordinance, Cap. 332, Rule 18(4) on 9th October, 1964. The AUS and all its committees were required to suspense all activities of the AUS pending the ratification of the election of the Executive Committee Members in accordance with it’s rules and the rules of the Trade Unions Ordinance from 17th January, 2012 until 14th April, 2015.

The purposes for which the AUS is formed are: to help seafarers and to represent their general interests in the shipping industry; to improve the working conditions of the seafarers; to ensure the safety of the seafarers on vessel; to help members to defend their interests by providing financial allowances should any of them involved in litigations or other difficulties; and to join force or enter into affiliation with other trade unions who share the same objective as the AUS.